From her Oakville-based studio in Ontario, Nipa operates Nipa Gandhi Lifestyle-Culturally infused textile designs for modren home. From the heirllom techniques used to the fresh and Modern interpretation of cultural aesthetics, each piece is imbued with a story.
Nipa’s passion for design developed at an early age in art and culturally rich, India. As a young girl Nipa would observe her Architect father hand-sketch house designs. Further igniting her love for art and form. Later , Nipa translated her skills working as an Interior Designer in Both India and Canada for the past 16 years.
A true artisan with a keen aesthetic eye for today’s trends and top styles, Nipa is fascinated by magnificence that our world has to offer, whether found in nature, museums, food, fashion or ethnic tapestry of different cultures. Nipa is intrigued and inspired by her travels around the world, as well as movies that tell stories from different eras. Her Primary goal will be always be the deign and production of gorgeous textile home accessories and products that are trendy yet accessible to everyone.
Nipa Gandhi Lifestyle is dedicated to lovingly preserving traditional textile production techniques of hand block printing, hand embroidery and hand weaving. Nipa is passionate about collaborating and empowering local artisans,providing income and global platform for their craft. In appreciation of responsibility to give back to the communities that she will be working alongside, Nipa dedicates 5% of the profits to a woman’s healthcare and hygiene program.

Nipa Gandhi Lifestyle -Block printed textiles from Nipa Gandhi Lifestyle on Vimeo.